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Pyramid Head 1 Pyramid Head 1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

you know!!

this caracter of silent hill has a real symbolism, to the game and the movie but tats other topic, i like the tone of the painting is dark but the white makes the contrast

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Zombie-clock-monkey responds:

Thank you, I usually find getting a good contrast extremely difficult, but the paper did it for me this time :)

Falling In Love with Silly Falling In Love with Silly

Rated 5 / 5 stars

exelent paint!

i love the contrast of color in the flower and the tone is very goomy but a electric blue makes the conection in the painting, thw white in pure desorder and the black is in order is other contrast that makes the painting very nice.

what are your favorites painters

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shadradson responds:

Well. I love Dahli. Van Gough's impressionism always makes me shiver.

I generally love impressionism. But all of the classic painters just blow me away.

As far as modern painters. There is lady who paints african wildlife A.E. London.
She's pretty wonderful.

Russian guys Russian guys

Rated 4 / 5 stars

contenporary art!

its a very good style you got ther.. it shows how you think of them..or not.. but then main thing here is the make a congrats on your painting.

how many time you spend?

and what painters do you like the most?

yurgenburgen responds:

Thanks for your review :)

I think this one took between two and three hours. Maybe a bit longer.

The artists I like are... Jhonen Vasquez, Edmund McMillen, Harmony Korine, Bill Watterson, Salvador Dali, HR Giger, Banksy, and anything to do with the black metal scene.